Laura Nikas

United States

  • City, State: San Antonio, Texas
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Age: 53

About me:

I am a portrait artist, 47 years old, mother of two teens. I enjoy a good laugh. I see beauty everywhere. I am grateful for the comforts and conveniences of my life, yet sometimes long for a former era when everything was done by hand and human interaction was more prevalent than computer interaction.

Exhibit change by:

My photographic project explores how our age, as a number, acts to define us, influence our choices, and motivate us to action. One of my goals is to help women manage and accept their aging process, and to counteract the barrage of messages we receive daily that younger is better and more beautiful. The project is truly art for all people. It is not exclusive to the elite nor to the disenfranchised, but includes all groups as well as the much-overlooked average woman. It is art which touches and can be understood by every woman on some level.

I'm passionate about:

peace, education, communication, nonviolence, tolerance.

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From Exhibiting You:

Embrace Your Age
The relationship between women and age is legendary and poses many questions. As a portrait artist, I have noticed that women of all ages refuse to accept themselves as they are. They want to be "retouched" and fixed to look younger, thinner, more like magazine models, and to erase all the beautiful marks of their wisdom and experience. Does youth equal beauty? Looking at the photographs, are the 20-something women more beautiful than the over-50s?


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