Grace Foundation


  • City, State: Benin, Edo
  • Geographic Location: Africa

About me:

Grace Foundation provides growth and development opportunities to poor, disenfranchised and low income people. We also help foster the development of healthy and vibrant communities.

My Web site:

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Grace Foundation assists the poor, and the disenfranchised in our communities, without creating dependency. The organization utilizes a participatory model of development whereby stakeholders are involved actively in their own personal development; as well as been change agents in their communities through social activism and volunteerism.

I'm passionate about:

Access to quality Education for the poor and disenfranchised
Women's empowerment
Basic access to healthcare
Poverty alleviation

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From Community:

More Than Special Children
A kind smile is seen on the face as these children run in a different race; No records are set, but they will do their best and in their own way they will pass the test; They might not look like just you or me but let’s not judge by the outward we see; Open your hearts to them; you would come to know that they are more than special children.  


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