Women in Black

Serbia – Montenegro

  • Ciudad, Estado Belgrade
  • Ubicación geográfica Europa
  • Edad 6

Sobre mí

Women in Black is a feminist and antimilitarist organization based in Belgrade, Serbia. Since it’s inception on October 9, 1991, the members have made visible nonviolent resistance to militarism, war, sexism and nationalism. They have organized up to 700 peaceful actions in the streets (protests, performances, and campaigns). They have built a solidarity network for women; an independent peace coalition and alliance against all patriarchic political control over women and all kinds of ethnic homogenizations. They have demanded a permanent confrontation with the past, accountability for war and war crimes, and prosecution of all those suspected of war crimes in the Hague Tribunal. They have helped produce and promote women’s alternative history and have published ten books in the series called "Women for Peace," numerous monographs, peace planners, calendars, and readers – altogether around fifty titles. They have established a permanent peace education system in Serbia by means of seminars, workshops, courses about feminism, pacifism/antimilitarism, nonviolence, interethnic/intercultural solidarity, reproductive rights, and alter/globalization. They have always demanded demilitarization and disarmament.

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Ni putas ni santas

Voz de la comunidad destacada: Mujeres de Negro, Belgrado

Mujeres de Negro es una organización feminista y antimilitarista con sede en Belgrado, Serbia. El 21 de junio de 2006, pusieron en escena una protesta creativa contra la Iglesia Ortodoxa. Se sacaron la ropa.



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