Adrienne Seed

Reino Unido

  • Ciudad, Estado Blackburn, Lancashire
  • Ubicación geográfica Europa
  • Edad 65

Sobre mí

I am an artist, a sculptor, a writer, a counsellor, the mother of a twenty nine year old son. I am also HIV positive. I have a website and blog called 'hivine' which I write in an attempt to raise awareness about HIV to make women aware of the benefits of testing and of keeping themselves safe in a world where currently the highest rate of HIV infection is amongst women.

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I want to address stigma in relation to HIV positive women and change the way we are judged and all too often condemned. By speaking out to raise awareness and to encourage women to keep themselves safe by being informed.

Me apasiona:

Women being forced to live 'invisible' lives and denied a voice because of our HIV status.

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My name is Adrienne Seed. I am a 59-year-old straight white woman--an artist, a writer, a counselor, a mother--who has lived with HIV for seven years. For some of this time I was forced to live as an "invisible" woman, denied a voice because of the stigma and prejudice associated with HIV. Now I am lucky that I can speak out, and I will continue to do so on the behalf of all the "invisible" positive women who, for one reason and another, are denied their voice. My artwork is one medium for me to make my voice--and their voices--heard.  


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