Wendy Willow

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  • Ciudad, Estado New York, NY
  • Ubicación geográfica América del norte
  • Lenguas English, Spanish
  • Edad 56

Sobre mí

I am a woman of mixed heritage whose mission is to make manifest the value of all people.

Muestra cambiada por:

I am a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant. I help organizations move from diverse to truly inclusive through strategic planning, education and communication.

Me apasiona:

Ending violence against women, ending incest, dissolving all barriers to equality between all people, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to have food, shelter and the opportunity to learn for all people.

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Sarah Palin

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de Mujeres, poder y política:

People of mixed heritage struggle to find an identity in a world that has not created acceptance or appreciation for the millions who span the chasm of different races, cultures or nations. The U.S. Presidential campaign has brought this issue to the forefront in unprecedented ways.  


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Wangui Banks
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