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Women Thrive Worldwide is the leading non-profit organization developing, shaping, and advocating for U.S. foreign policies that foster economic opportunity for women living in poverty. Why Women? Worldwide, women are at the greatest risk of being poor. Research and experience have also shown that women in poor countries are more likely to use their income for food, healthcare and education for their children, creating a cycle that lifts entire families, communities, and countries out of poverty. However, women face unequal social and economic barriers - such as lack of access to credit and trade, unequal property rights, gender-based violence, and poor wages and working conditions - that prevent them from earning a living and supporting their families. Women Thrive works to ensure that U.S. policy is addressing these barriers and supporting women’s efforts to find their own path out of poverty.

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Giving women greater economic opportunity lifts families, communities, and countries out of poverty. Women Thrive Worldwide (formerly the Women’s Edge Coalition) advocates for changes in U.S. policy that will have the greatest impact on reducing poverty through women. Because of this, our work has a ripple effect, often benefiting millions of women living in poverty at once. Why U.S. Policy? As a major world power, donor, and trading partner, U.S. international assistance and trade policies have a huge impact on women in poor countries - both directly and through the messages we send. A few words on a piece of paper can mean the difference between surviving and starving for some of the world's poorest women and families. While direct assistance programs for the poor are very important, positive policy change is crucial for long-term change. If U.S. assistance and trade policies do not address the unique barriers women face, they will not reach the women who need them and will be only half as effective as they could be. By prioritizing women in programs the U.S. is already running - often by changing a few words in a piece of legislation - we can spread opportunity to millions of women and families living in poverty and help end poverty for good.

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Ending Violence Against Women and Girls - the International Violence Against Women Act: Making Trade Work for Women: Empowering Women with Economic Opportunities - The GROWTH Act:

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Help End Women

Help End Women's Poverty: Support the GROWTH Act

The Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive (GROWTH) Act would address some of the most critical economic barriers women that keep women in poor countries from earning an income, barriers such as unequal property rights, lack of access to credit and trade, and poor wages and working conditions.

For the GROWTH Act to be passed, it needs concerned citizens to urge Congress to support it. Send an automatic letter to your Senators and Representatives asking them to support the bill.

Help End Violence Against Women and Girls: Sign the I-VAWA Petition!

Help End Violence Against Women and Girls: Sign the I-VAWA Petition!

It's estimated that 1 out of 3 women worldwide will be the victim of violence or abuse at some point in their lives. This must stop.

The International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA), is a bill now before Congress that, if passed, would, for the first time, comprehensively incorporate these solutions into all U.S. foreign assistance programs - solutions such as promoting women's economic opportunity, addressing violence against girls in school, and working to change public attitudes - bring about transformational change. Please urge Congress to make the IVAWA a reality for the millions of women worldwide it would affect by signing the petition.


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