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Antigone Magazine is a non-profit, semi-annual magazine about women and politics based at the University of British Columbia run by young women. The magazine has a national subscription base. With the help of WILLA UBC (Women Involved in Legislative Leadership Association), Antigone Magazine is a magazine about women, politics, women in politics, and the politics of being a woman.

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We believe it is important to discuss and advance issues that matter to women. We also believe that there is a general lack in the Canadian sphere of online or offline forums that deal exclusively with women’s issues and women in Canadian politics. We also believe that young feminists need a rallying point from which to work for change. We hope you will enjoy our mix of news, stories, commentary and event listings centering around women in politics and the Canadian feminist community. It’s about time women were put back on the agenda! Antigone Magazine is currently seeking charitable status under The Antigone Foundation, an organization that seeks to encourage young women aged 10-35 to become politically and civically engaged. The foundation proposes to do this through Antigone Magazine, its publication for unversity aged women, its blog, and the Dreams for Women project. The Foundation also seeks to found a magazine written by and for young women aged 10-15, as well as, an outreach program to educate and inspire young girls to become active and involved in politics and issues that affect them.

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women in politics, female politicians, childcare, dreams for women, young women's voices

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Subida a la ola del fenómeno del post secret, una tendencia que tiene a individuos exponiendo sus más inconfesables secretos anónimamente a través de Internet o del correo postal, la revista feminista canadiense Antigone Magazine está alentando a la gente a poner sus pensamientos feministas más íntimos en postales. La revista, sin embargo, no quiere conocer sus secretos; quiere conocer sus Sueños para las Mujeres. Las creadoras del proyecto comparten aquí algunos de los sueños políticos de sus participantes.



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