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Sobre mí |Kellyann Gilson Lyman Art & Design is where I produce designs, visual art & media, as a well developing abstract art lessons, which I teach. archives my work body of abstraction, conceptual, photographic & commercial designs.

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As a woman, I have always believed that if you want to accomplish anything, you lay a foundation and continue to learn and grow. This is change. My work reflects the positive aspects of humanity, offering the viewer to pause. The work is happy, colorist and in critique, indicated that the artwork should be in the public eye. I produce my own shows each year, & collaborate with other artists to promote artistic talent. I believe, I offer hope & positive practice toward completion in my quest for refinement in my art.

Me apasiona:

Currently I am completing my 2009 Collection, in the white spaces | icons & producing graduate studies in visual art, design and media. The process of producing my MFA concept, including redesigning my website for academic pursuits has been fascinating. My academic background in design brings to the art world a strong conceptual direction & design business acumen. I am continuing to educate myself in art through practice and production.My hope is for my work to be in the public eye for the viewer to pause on the positive aspects of humanity. I believe art as critical in education today, as it creates visual thinkers. Abstract art is the focus of my teaching interests. Although unorthodoxed, abstract art is only completed via the commitment toward a refined, balanced, colorist, palette.

I was introduced to you via Pat Lynch, whom interviewed Dr. Masum Momaya. I am interested in having you review my work & hope to have an opportunity to exhibit and/or collaborate with you in the future.


Kellyann Gilson Lyman

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Busque toma de acciones en la exhibición Mujeres, poder y política o envíe la suya.



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de la Comunidad:

Two young classmates in the 4th grade set up a Haiti Relief stand in the front yard. They shared their small fundraising efforts with their grade school. A proud moment to share with two nine-year-old girls. Starting young, thinking about others less fortunate is a beginning of possibility toward great things for others. Our future is beginning now.


de Su exhibición:

This series of paintings was produced in the context of vast cultural changes. Inspired by the white space, I created 16 contemporary iconic cultural concepts. The titles of the pieces--e.g., The President's Stimulus 2009, Graceful Control and Peace over War--ask the viewer to take a moment and reflect on the world as they know it. The piece Women, Power and Politics: The Madonnas was inspired by and is a direct response to I.M.O.W.'s 2008 exhibition.


de Su exhibición:

At seven months pregnant, I woke up one morning in my Brooklyn, New York apartment with a strange urge to paint my own body by lying down on a canvas. The result is an energetic, poetic and strong image I call Body Stamp.


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