Estados Unidos

  • Ciudad, Estado Inglewood, California
  • Ubicación geográfica América del norte
  • Lenguas I speak English and Spanish.

Sobre mí

I am a high school student who was came across this organization due to an assignment for English class.

Muestra cambiada por:

I exhibit change by stating my opinions on an issue, asking questions, and finding out ways to help.

Me apasiona:

I am passionate about keeping out environment clean and safe and also reducing poverty and genocide(racism, sexism, etc.)

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Sign a Condolence Card and Show Your Allegiance to Farm Workers

Sign a Condolence Card and Show Your Allegiance to Farm Workers

Add your name to the online condolence card for the family of Maria Isabel, 17-year old heat stroke victim and pledge to do what you can so that other farm worker families do not have to suffer the agony that their family is enduring.

Support I.M.O.W.

Support I.M.O.W.

It is only with your support that the International Museum of Women can succeed in its mission to amplify the voices of women worldwide through award-winning innovative exhibitions, strategic partnerships and local public programming and events.

Contribute today by becoming a member, donating to I.M.O.W or registering for our online community. Become part of the rising global community of women and men impacting the lives of women around the world!

de Su exhibición:

This is a poem inspired by racism, religious and sexual discrimination, abuse, violence and the many other injustices that human beings around the world deal with every day.


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