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Sobre mí

American-born, east-coaster. Passionate to make the world good for everyone. It can happen.

Muestra cambiada por:

A lifelong career in nonprofit organizations, supporting local businesses, being an optimist.

Me apasiona:

arts and culture, human rights, nonprofit effectiveness

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Claiming Equal Citizenship Campaign

Claiming Equal Citizenship Campaign

Women’s right to equal citizenship is guaranteed by the majority of Arab constitutions, as well as by international law. Yet across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and the Gulf, women are denied their right to nationality – a crucial component of citizenship. Such laws send the message that women do not enjoy a direct relationship with the state, but must access their citizenship rights through mediation of a male family member, such as a father or a husband. Until women in the MENA and Gulf regions are recognized as full nationals and citizens, they cannot participate fully in public life, nor claim the other rights to which they are entitled as equal members of their societies. Please lend your support to the campaign. Send a message of solidarity to WLP campaign partners who are coordinating the national and regional campaigns to raise awareness of the issue, advocate for change, and mobilize support to modify discriminatory legislation.

Afiches políticos

Afiches políticos

Favianna diseña increíbles afiches políticos y los pone en línea para el uso de todos los activistas políticos. Al servicio de la justicia social, use libremente esas etiquetas en blanco y negro en cada uno de sus panfletos, boletines, carteles y pancartas. Vea el material.

Art for the Hungry

Art for the Hungry

Art for the Hungry $400.00 Thanks to Ward-Nasse Gallery and Artist: artbyjo All proceeds donated to Feed one single Mother 178 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012 Tues.- Sat. 11-6 and Sun. 1-6 (212) 925-6951


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