Nurul Izzah Anwar


  • Situation géographique Asie
  • Age 6

A propos de moi

Nurul Izzah Anwar, born in Malaysia in 1980, is the daughter of former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim. The imprisonment in 1998 of her father, protested by human rights groups worldwide, served as a catalyzing force for her involvement with the Reformasi Movement. This group encourages democracy in Malaysia through economic and political reform. Anwar Ibrahim was released in September 2004, just before Nurul graduated from college with a degree in electronics and electrical engineering. Nurul Izzah Anwar is currently a member of The Women Leaders Intercultural Forum initiative, aimed towards achieving a paradigm shift in policy discussions on global and national security by building an integrated approach that treats human security and state security as interactive and reinforcing components.

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de la Communauté:

It is in the absence of war that we take peace for granted. This is true for most countries that have the benefit of looking at war-torn regions as an outsider, certainly protected from the clutches of death and destruction.


de la Communauté:

On the night of the 20th of September 1998, my father, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, was arrested and detained under the Internal Security Act; he was first sacked on the 2nd of September after a political fallout with the then Prime Minister of Malaysia.



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