Shaheen Sultan Dhanji


  • Ville, État Toronto, Ont
  • Situation géographique Amérique du nord
  • Langues Persian, Swahili, Urdu, Sindhi, Hindi, Gujarati, Spanish, French, English

A propos de moi

Shaheen Sultan Dhanji was borne in Africa and currently residing at Toronto, Canada. She is a Social & International Development Consultant by profession, free-lance writer, musician and a social-political activist by innate attributes. Her creative platform focuses on vital themes of war and civil society, political economy, foreign policy, genocide, women's / human rights issues, sustainable economics, social and civic development, cultural and heritage preservation, deforestation and rural issues.

Her future engagement(s) include film and theatre art.

Mon Site Internet:

Mon Site Internet (

Faites preuve de changement en:

Proof of change is a direct result of a changed heart -- which is a constant transformation when we continue to witness life in all forms.

Je suis passionnée par:

Art, Photography, Books, Theatre Arts, World Cinema / Music, History, Social-political issues, Politics (Socialism), Cultural and Heritage conservation, International & sustainable development, Culture & Civilisation, Film, Literature, Architecture and Anthropology, International relations, Civic and rural societies, Indigenous culture(s).

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Soutenez Votre Dirigeante Africaine!

Soutenez Votre Dirigeante Africaine!

Nommez une femme africaine à une position de leadership au Femmes Africa Solidarité (FAS). Son nom sera ajouté à une base de données que les institutions pourront utiliser comme référence quand elles auront des places vacantes à pourvoir. --Anglais

Utiliser Votre Liberté pour <br>Promouvoir Celle des Autres

Utiliser Votre Liberté pour
Promouvoir Celle des Autres

Envoyez un e-mail au Secrétaire des Nations Unies, Ban Ki-moon et aidez à faire libérer Aung San Suu Kyi, l'une des plus célèbres combattantes pour la liberté et partisane de la non-violence --Anglais.

Claiming Equal Citizenship Campaign

Claiming Equal Citizenship Campaign

Women’s right to equal citizenship is guaranteed by the majority of Arab constitutions, as well as by international law. Yet across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and the Gulf, women are denied their right to nationality – a crucial component of citizenship. Such laws send the message that women do not enjoy a direct relationship with the state, but must access their citizenship rights through mediation of a male family member, such as a father or a husband. Until women in the MENA and Gulf regions are recognized as full nationals and citizens, they cannot participate fully in public life, nor claim the other rights to which they are entitled as equal members of their societies. Please lend your support to the campaign. Send a message of solidarity to WLP campaign partners who are coordinating the national and regional campaigns to raise awareness of the issue, advocate for change, and mobilize support to modify discriminatory legislation.

Qu’est ce qui est Rose <br>et Veut la Paix?

Qu’est ce qui est Rose
et Veut la Paix?

Rejoignez des femmes outrées, provocantes et créatives qui recherchent de façon inflexible à créer le changement. De Guantanamo en Irak, en passant par le Pakistan et le Darfour, agissez avec CODEPINK. -- Anglais

Leadership des Femmes Indigènes

Leadership des Femmes Indigènes

Vous êtes une femme indigène? Vous voulez promouvoir le changement social dans votre communauté? Si c'est le cas, le Emerging Activist Leadership Program est fait pour vous! Inscrivez-vous à ce programme de développement du leadership proposé par le Indigenous Women's Network. -- anglais

Impliquez-Vous pour l’Egalité de Genre

Impliquez-Vous pour l’Egalité de Genre

Inscrivez-vous au Breakthrough Inter-religious Commitment, un accord historique de dirigeants religieux du monde entier affirmant la valeur et l'impératif moral de la coopération œcuménique pour promouvoir l'égalité de genre et mettre un terme à la violence basée sur le genre. -Anglais

Help End Violence Against Women and Girls: Sign the I-VAWA Petition!

Help End Violence Against Women and Girls: Sign the I-VAWA Petition!

It's estimated that 1 out of 3 women worldwide will be the victim of violence or abuse at some point in their lives. This must stop.

The International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA), is a bill now before Congress that, if passed, would, for the first time, comprehensively incorporate these solutions into all U.S. foreign assistance programs - solutions such as promoting women's economic opportunity, addressing violence against girls in school, and working to change public attitudes - bring about transformational change. Please urge Congress to make the IVAWA a reality for the millions of women worldwide it would affect by signing the petition.


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de la Communauté:

'God is not obliged'
Photography by: Shaheen Sultan Dhanji


de la Communauté:

Feet of Resistance
I have come to realise that you cannot reach a goal without power. It is not a disgusting word, it's an important word. And, what better word to give a woman to use and keep as a virtue? A powerful woman can ignite many paths. -Shaheen Sultan Dhanji  


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