Katrina Bello


  • Ville, État davao, manila, montclair, newark, baltimore
  • Situation géographique Asie
  • Langues Filipino and English

A propos de moi

I am interested in the vital role of women today as agents of change through education. I believe that despite the alleviation of women's status in many parts of the world, there are still places where women face barriers to the flourishing of their minds and capacities.

Mon Site Internet:

Mon Site Internet (

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As a Filipino painter and visual artist, my hopes are in art's potential to promote and sustain the vigorous artistic goals and endeavors of many Filipino artists like me who are living in and outside of our homeland. Being an artist is a privilege. Being an artist given an opportunity to have more than one locational perspective adds to that privilege. Therefore this endeavor qualifies more as an artistic mission for the benefit of the artistic community and the Filipino cultural identity, than just a private endeavor.

Je suis passionnée par:

And as a mother with two daughters, one of my biggest passions is to be able to instill upon my girls a legacy of knowledge, wisdom, love, beauty and compassion and courage. This is a legacy created by my parents whose political activity and social awareness are what gave me and my siblings the courage and inspiration to continue their vision

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Bounty is a visual statement on domesticity and immigration in the land of plenty -the United States.  


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