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More Women are Doing "180s!"

Many of us think about doing a "180!" A life makeover. A style makeover. Or both. A life and style makeover. That could mean improving your career, better education, more income as well as the usual "be healthier" promise. So exactly how are women doing 180s in their quest to improve themselves? The results are inspiring because women have made incredible strides and are earning more than ever!
Although studies show that female breadwinners feel guilt, that's not stopping them from making things happen in the workplace. Did you know that the number of women and men in the workforce is almost even for the first time in history? Women have made incredible strides and are earning more than ever. You also may not realize that more women than men are enrolled in college and holding management positions. We have discovered exactly what women are doing to make this happen. Ladies, say goodbye to glass ceilings and men beware because women are taking over! Want to be one of these women who does a "180?" Want to transform ANY part of your life from career to relationships to lifestyle to money and everything in between?


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