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I am an avid reader. I read about almost anything from fictions to magazines and to journals. I am passionate whenever I say something or discuss about a certain topic or issue that is close to my heart. But most of all I want to be involved in issues that ranges from politics, education, environment and etc. I often have discussions with my father about the issues that face our society today.

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I believe the most important issue that young women like me faces in our country is the fairness of the competition and the availability of jobs. The Philippines is not a rich country and it’s no secret that most professionals in our country go abroad to seek jobs that is fair enough to provide their own family. So with thousands of new graduates every year, good jobs are at a scarce and that is the most important issue.

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de Economica:

Pagmumuni is a tagalog term for a deep reflection that involves thinking about the future. Valeene Salanga, a recent graduate who is now looking for a job, talks about feeling unprepared to enter the labor market, the difficulty of finding work as a new graduate, and how she is making important decisions about her future.   


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