Brenda Oelbaum

Estados Unidos

  • Ciudad, Estado Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Ubicación geográfica América del norte
  • Edad 53


One of These Things is not like the other: Elizabeth Smart

lunes, 03 de febrero de 2014 9:24

As a Jew, fear of Arabs was hard wired into me from an early age. After 9/11 when more Muslim women began to show their solidarity by deciding to wear hajib, I was very disturbed and fearful.

Detail Portrait Falling Out All Over Installation

sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010 5:43

I am obese. I believe very strongly that my attempts to control my size throughout my life has brought me to this shape. I have suffered every eating disorder known to man--and some that are only now being classified as such. Years of dieting and following external rules around my food intake has created such havoc in my life that it is taking me even more time to unravel the mess it has left in my brain and on my self esteem.


miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009 0:00

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