Rania Matar


  • Situation géographique Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord


Lisant le Coran, Rassemblement de Femmes, Beyrouth 2007

jeudi 18 février 2010 21:43

Voix de la Communauté: Rania Matar

Rania Matar, une photographe originaire du Liban qui vit actuellement aux Etats Unis, retourne fréquemment dans son pays natal. Lors de son dernier voyage en 2007, elle a rapporté le changement et la façon frappante dont les Musulmanes libanaises s'investissent en politique.

mercredi 10 juin 2009 23:28

I do not intend these images to be political or to represent Lebanon as a country. They focus on portraying the universality of being human, regardless of one's circumstance: what it means to be a mother, a father, a child or a young woman  of any background or religion. My intent is to depict lives that are ordinary in a country that is anything but.

Behind their black veils, girls have friends, bond and giggle; mothers nurse and nurture their children in refugee camps; a nun blissfully stares at the sea from the balcony of her convent; a child brings a smile to a mother's face even while destruction surrounds them.