The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed into effect by the UN in 1948, was supposed to take care of it all. But since then, the world has answered with one bill after the next filling in the gaps missed by the Declaration and contesting the alleged Euro-centricity of the 30 articles. Now there are the Cairo Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the newly UN-signed Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and many more from various regional and identity groups.

I'm currently writing an academic paper on the intersections among women's rights, indigenous rights and environmental rights. I'd love to hear your thoughts and plan to pose a serious of questions about human rights in this thread (so please subscribe to the RSS Feed :).

First off... Do you think there can be such a thing as universal human rights that fit the needs of every gender, race, class, religion, culture, etc?