Herstory: Immigrant Women Experiences

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Immigrant Women Experiences

Dear Fellow IMOW Ladies

I migrated to United States in 2002 from India, leaving behind a successful career, friends and family in quest of newer experiences and personal and professional growth. Six years later, I am a changed woman. And a happy one too :-). My experiences (be it professional or social) have been interesting enough to fill the pages of a memoir on immigrant experiences as seen through the eyes of a middle-class woman from a third world country.

I am keen on listening to the experiences of my fellow immigrant women....

a)Has the new geography changed your thinking, belief system, and your attitude toward life?..Has it made you more expansive, accepting, broad and more compassionate?

b)How easy/hard has it been for you to establish a social network or personal relationship?

c)Are you happy with your newly built life in the alien land?

I eagerly look forward to hearing from you all!!



Susmita Barua
Susmita Barua
United States

It tested & transformed me in every way

Greetings Meghna & all

I visited San Francisco a couple of times in past 9 years and I sense it is the best place for me to take my spiritual work. Living in Ky since 1989 has been easy in some ways but quite challenging in some other respects. Home is wherever I am. I capture my life quest here. www.seek2know.net/mita.html

Katrina Bello
Katrina Bello
Philippines, the

meghna damani's film

hi meghna, thanks for sharing your inspiring film and i admire your courage and creativity in maneuvering a way out of this still existing problem and making something touching and revealing about it.

and congratulations on all the awards on thiece piece -bravo! i'd like to know what your next documentary projects will be

United Arab Emirates

Glad To Hear that !

Hi dears, :)
I am so happy to read your comments. Its my pleasure to be a new member here in IMOW.

I am a Syrian girl who was born in United Arab Emarites, and is studying now at American University of Sharjah (AUS).

It is true that I have never been to be in U.S. However, my study in AUS has brought me to believe that Women can always achieve what they want even if they are muslims and they live in in arab countries.

I am majoring in accounting and minoring in Music (piano).
My plan is to travel to U.S alone, after my graduation, to taka a bachelor degree in Music (piano) :)

I hope one day I meet you there.

c'est une discussion interessante surtout pour les femmes imigrantes j'en ai vraiment besoin car je vais venir dans quelques jours pour m'installer au usa , pour une experience j'ai pas encore quoi ajouter comme témoignage

it is a interesting discussion especially for women imigrantes I really need because I'm coming in a few days to settle in usa, so Id'ont have an experience what to add as testimony

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