I'm part of a new movement called the People's Pact.

The People's Pact started at Stanford University, and if it works, we believe it will help to end violence and genocide, and facilitate rebuilding in violence-torn areas.

Here's the gist of it:
The People's Pact is essentially an interpersonal nonagression treaty. By signing, you promise not to use physical violence against anyone else who signs it, who you can recognize by the green string that all members wear around their wrist or pinky. In that way we can begin to create a nonviolent community while alleviating concerns about the use of violence as self-defense, since you are only pledging nonviolence to those who promise the same to you.

We still encourage the use of nonviolence in all situations, but by creating a distinct sign of nonviolence, we can build a common ground on which people can start to negotiate their disputes without concern that the other does not share their commitment.

We know it's not flawless, but we really believe that it has potential to do good.

Will you sign the pact?
If not, why not?
Do you think it can work?