When you really believe in democracy, it’s not something that can be given as a gift, and nobody will be able to take it away by force. You have it in your heart. Human rights are not something that someone can donate to us. Donated democracy doesn’t bring positive changes, especially through the language of gun or through troops.

During the Thirty Years’ war in Afghanistan, the Taliban mixed politics with Islam and used it as a weapon against our people, and most of all, against the women of our country. Today, the government is so afraid of secularism because, if we have a democratic and secular government, they will not be able to continue their fascism under the name of Islam.

After the Thirty Years’ War in Afghanistan, there’s no question that we need the helping hand of democratic people around the world. But unfortunately, after the tragedy of 9/11, the U.S. and allies of the U.S., because of their own strategic policies, brought into power their own puppets—these fundamentalist Northern Alliance who are like Taliban. And that’s why, day by day, our people understand that this is a mockery of democracy and mockery of the war on terror.

Our history shows that we don’t accept occupation. And it’s true that no nation can donate liberation to another nation. It is the one sovereign obligation of our people to bring these values to our country, like women’s rights and human rights. These troops must leave Afghanistan as soon as possible, as people are demonstrating and resisting, calling for a voluntary exit from Afghanistan.

Some say that civil war will take over Afghanistan, but nothing can be worse than today, which is like a civil war.