Growing up, I made all sorts of fashion faux pas - I wore this little scarf as a shirt to my sister's college graduation totally exposing my midriff. I also remember wearing a beret and boa to class at business school! I laugh when I think of those and many other instances where I was an artist deep down, stifled perhaps by the environments I was in, and expressing myself with fashion.

Now, I'm not only an artist but the fiancé of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and yes, there is more attention on my appearance than even I expected. That said, I have been encouraged to avoid "trendy", not to mention, "expensive" labels and to continue to dress conservatively. Pearls seem to be a mainstay, and skirt lengths tend to go below the knee. I've even had bloggers write about my clothing after political events! I ignore the reviews, but I am conscious not to make many political fashion faux pas.

What do you think? Is fashion really about expressing who you are, or presenting yourself in a specific way to the world given your associations? How should the wife-of a politician present herself given her unique personality, career, interests, and tastes?