Education: Women in "male" professions

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Naina Holsve
Naina Holsve

Women in "male" professions

Many politicians are worried because young women tend to educate themselves in traditionally "female" professions that are less paid than traditionally "male" professions.

What is important, to have women choose "male" professions, or to give "female" professions more importance with better salaries?

Masum Momaya, Curator
Masum Momaya, Curator
United States

Erasing the Distinction

I think both are important! To the extent that we can achieve true gender parity in the professions - both symbolically in terms of number and in the culture of workplaces - the distinction between "male" and "female" professions will be erased.

A question: do you think professions have always been distinctly male or female throughout history and across cultural contexts.

In some societies, women are predominantly farmers while in others men are farmers. This is true of healers as well.

Lalita Raman
Lalita Raman
Hong Kong

Is this Distinction necessary

Should there be something called "A Male Profession" and vice-versa. I think, these have mainly resulted from one's mind set over the years, and yes though this is changing, the change is rather slow especially in professions like Politics, Investment Banking, Aviation to name a few.

Some Professions have been dominated by males only because we have let them be. If we as women are determined to a task or job and set our mind to it, no matter what the hardship is, I am sure it can be done.

However it is necessary that Women are recognized in the so called male dominated professions, and be given equal opportunities and rewarded at par. Only with a combination of this, can a successful erasure of such distinction be possible.

"Male" professions - Profession is profession both male and female can an be expert in any type of profession eitherof male or female.A woman can be an expert, more skilled as well as talented than a man in "Male" profession while a man can also be the other.Both can be professtionally good in an area of the opposite sex.Its just a matter of dedication and total willingness to commitment.

Susmita Barua
Susmita Barua
United States

Lack of awareness of women's history

Growing up in calcutta India I always wondered why there are almost no women scientists, mathematicians and great minds in history books.Women's access to education and higher knowledge has always been restricted. Women have for millenia participated in their own subordination as women were psychologically internalized the idea of their own inferiority. The truth is women has greatly contributed to advancement of human knowledge and civilization, of which I wasn't aware myself until I started researching it.

women in the workforce-partners not competitors

The labeling of a profession dominated by men now being infitrated by women is a casting shadow of a double standard view, prevalent in some societies-luckily enough, not much of an issue in major cities in China. The real challenge is to erradicate the notion that we are taking over, leaving behind the competitive element of who's earning more or better. We just have to regard ourselves as part of a workforce sharing the same rewards- better yet, partners not competitors.

Why so Few?

That is a terrific article in iCommons!

I heard from my PhD advisor recently that I'd "left science to have children." That was news to me. I guess that belief justified his publishing my thesis as a chapter of a book under his own name -- practically word for word.

I had no children, but rather a successful career as a software developer.

Interesting how, even when you do work successfully in fields men have claimed as their own, they'll actually lie about your contribution and persistence.

I wonder what they're afraid of.

Women in "male" professions

It's not a lack of aptitude-according to this research conducted by a Women Engineers group-girls could go into science business or engineering-but they found that because of lack of information about how engineering would meet girls

Re:Women in "male" professions

It depends on how you carry yourself. You can be one of the guys & earn the respect in due time.

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United States

Women male Professions

Thanks for giving the information and I like this thread



'male profession'??

Male profession?? Is such type of thinking relevant till today? Both male or female can be expert in any profession. So why this kind of foolish talk? This type of distinction is mainly the product of patriarchal society. So d'nt let your power down girls.. We can change the world if we want.

Little Angel


All women want is equity it need not be equality. Equal opportunity on Merit. What i can do, let me do without hindrance, we all are humans. Men are just insecure because they know knowledge is power and once a woman knows, they are afraid of the inner power in her. Women manage everything without formal education then, imagine what she can achieve when educated?. We are pressed down but, not destroyed. We can achieve what we want by that subtle touch God has given us, lets forget about equality with men but,make them understand that as humans we deserve equity.



Indeed women should forget all about naming proffessions like "female or male proffession", this leads females to thinking that they cant wellas they can carry out any work of proffessional duties provided they have expertise.
We need to encourage as many females as possible to join the races regardless of their gender.
Thanks for the great message Naina

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