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Masum Momaya, Curator
Masum Momaya, Curator
United States

Sarah Palin

What do you think of the presumptive 2008 Republican candidate for Vice President, Sarah Palin? Is this is a good choice? Does this advance women in politics? Share your thoughts!

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Amanda Silva
United States

While I was reading the comments on this atricle, I could not help but wonder why society is relying soo heavily on the fact that she is a woman. She is a mother, so what? Hilary Clinton is a mother and she was not judged as harshly as Palin when she was running for president. Another thing that threw me for a loop was the exposing of how much it cost to make Palin look the way she does. Again, who cares? Considering we live in a soceity where looks are expremely important, I'm sure they would not expect anything less than for her to look her best.

I do agree with the fact that McCain is using her to sweep up all the votes that Hilary might have had. But what I want to focus on is how we (women, mainly) are jusding her based on her lack of promoting the women's agenda. We think that just because she is a female body she will automatically do everything for women? She is running for the republican party, not a women's party. Therefore, she is out promoting what is important to the republican party. I think many of us are getting this confused. Paola was right on Monday when she said that Palin is supporting women's rights because she is pro-life. Yes, I understand that McCain could have possibly chosen her for publicity and votes, but maybe it's time we start thinking about what she can do for our country instead of what she can't do.

Luca Jasko
United States

candidacy for what cost?

Sarah Palin does not represent women from a substantive representational point of view. According my knowledge she is more a descriptive represent with concerns that I will refer to later. She was more a candidate of the republican party rather than a candidate for women.

She was pulled out of a list from the potential candidates for the VP position and she with her superficial characteristics she won the game to complete the candidacy of the Republican party in the election of 2008.

She is young, she is an 'energy-bomb', and she is a women. So superficially she completes the picture and the voter camp of the Republican party.

But there is another reason why I think that she is not representing even potentially substantively women. She lacks totally experience and competence for such a position. And the gist of the substantive representation would be to represent women's interests effectively in politics and not necessarily by women. I do not find anything in her curriculum that encourages me towards the fact that Sarah Palin would represent women's interest effectively in her VP position.

But as I mentioned before I have another concern, about the concept of descriptive representation regards to her candidacy. I think, based on the blogger's messages worldwide about her and other media sources, that she is more a vote-gathering name in the election and campaign process than a person who fills out the requirements for a fore-planned position as a VP in the Republican party.

The position was not planned as a women position, but her characteristics as I mentioned above made her to be ready and fill out the VP candidate beside McCain with a name and body: Sara Palin.

I think she is not advancing women in politics, but her candidacy is undermining the faith and ability of further female candidates. This is very disturbing from the supply factor point of view regards the women's position on politics.
There is an other issue about her: her appearance throw a question of reconceptualize of women, who they are and what is possible what they are going to become.

Sebastien Trempont
United States

Why is she the Republican's ticket?

Clearly McCain sought out Palin to appeal to the undecided male voter. Once voted second prettiest woman in Alaska, what she stands for does not agree with too many women in modern-day America. How many women can relate with her passion for moose-hunting?

The only key demographic Palin might draw in more women supporters are the die-hard theocratic who,much like Palin, wish to put creationism into the school system.

The fact is that Sarah Palin may not have a lot to offer to today's woman, the notion that history would be made is the only consolation prize.

Grace Lin
Grace Lin
United States

Grace for Congress

I think Sarah does advance women in politics. I am running for Congress in New York (www.graceforcongress.com) and find that her candidacy is very helpful in finding ways for female politicians to act, debate, and speak.

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