Hi Everyone,

I just received notice from my Virginia state delegate that the Virginia State Board of Elections has adopted a ban on "clothing, hats, buttons and other paraphernilia that directly advocates the election or defeat of a specific candidate or issue.

The ban is effective inside polling places or a long held perimeter of 40 feet from polling place entrances.

The American Civil Liberties Union argued that the ban violates the First Amendment's right to free speech.

The board, however, said it has to weigh that against the right to vote free of undue influence or the tension that candidate advocacy might create."

But, I have to wonder will I next be told that I can't wear fishnet stockings to the poll because it might offend someone, prevent them from voting or cause some kind of stir among those in the polling line?

I'd appreciate other's insights into this matter. Are there dress code restrictions for where you vote?