Politics: Afghani Women: Rising Against Odds

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Afghani Women: Rising Against Odds

Dear All: Recently I chanced upon an interesting, inspiring and moving video story that appeared on NYT about the women of Bamian province in Afghantisan.

I am totally proud of these women. The governor of this province is a woman, Bamian region also boasts of a woman police officer, women taxi drivers et al. It is incredibly motivating to see that women in this oppressive milieu are lifting their veils, asserting their rights and moving ahead despite multitude of death threats from the Talibans et al.

It is heartening to see their courage and optimism. I am reassured that that one can rise against odds and create a world of one's dreams! Watch the New York Times video.

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Thank you Meghna for sharing this inspiring video! For more from inspiring women of Afghanistan, hear Malalai Joya - an outspoken Afghan Parliamentarian - in the Women, Power and Politics online exhibition.


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