War and Peace: War, Poverty of the Heart

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War, Poverty of the Heart

War is brewing here on many Frontiers. Presently, the Civil war in Bangladesh is becoming alarming, with the killing of the Chief of the Bangladesh rifles and then his wife. the war between the BDR and the Bangladesh army will have spilling-over effects on the Indian side.

The silent, and sometimes violent flashes between India Pakistan armies, has always been going on.Nobody has found ways , yet to extinguish the fire lit years ago by Politicians, who thought for themselves probably, and their vote bank, who never thought for the common poor pakistani or the poor Indian.

Politicians in Delhi, and in Kashmir are painting a Kaleidescope, not aware of the ultimate effects on lives everywhere around. They promise the people then dont deliver. They create a false sense of peace, then they create violence again.

The Underground terrorists in kashmir, or North east India are not helping. Rather they add fat to the fire, make more riots, more misunderstanding between sensitive communities, making the gorge wider and more dangerous between Hindua Muslims. religious attacks area shameful show of the poverty of the heart.

Now, the communication between peoples of different faiths is very important.... meetings understanding amongst the poor the rich, the urban people, the villagers.Only the common people can do something, I believe. they must unite.... Unite all faiths, unite the peolple , who can then fight terrorism and wipe out any possibility of wars.

United States

Two articles on Kashmir

Dear Pannah,
Thank you for posting this important and timely issue.

Here are two articles about Kashmir written by our community participant Ather Zia:

A Collage of Her Severally-Inspected Parts

Kashmir and Elections

My roommate and I were discussing the tension between Pakistan and India a few days ago in relation to the Oscars in the U.S. The awards event was an evening for the film and cast of Slumdog Millionaire, and it went by without even a reference to the escalating violence in Pakistan and India.

Everyone here cannot stop talking about the film and what a "triumph" it is for "all Indians everywhere." I started feeling slightly ill after the 10th article I read with these words. I've seen triple the news coverage about the film's awards than I have about the mounting tension... or about Obama's decision to begin air strikes in Pakistan.

It seems that the public and the media would prefer not to look past the dazzle of Bollywood to see the urgent issues facing the people in the region. Complacency is a poverty of heart as much as active participation in war.

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