Work and Money: If Women Controlled the Economy

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If Women Controlled the Economy

Imagine a world where women and men share equal control over businesses and business practices. Would this world be different from our own? Would women still predominately manage the household and children? How would the workplace be different? How would the economy be different?

yes women should control the economy

women should be able to control the economy because i beleive that if u can contol a home then u can also control the society , nobody should look down on any woman no matter the skin colour,sex,education or our background, just give us the chance and we will prove to u that we can rule the economy well ! am proud to be a woman

opportunities for all women!!

this world should be on gender equality and opportunities for all women and men, but women certainly would perform a great role in different sectors and public office. women if we could have more participation to control the whole economy would be better.

Women Drivers of all economies

Women have been the conducters of the world economy Bus, but the men have been in the driver's seat controlling the bus, where it turns, brakes, stop, refills gas and even its destnation. The women (conducter, collects cash form passangers,dispatch tickets and see that all passangers are happy, and these duties are the ones which bring money to the company. In the same way , in every industy that you can look at ,women are the backbone fo that industry, directly or indirectly.Look at farming for instance,the men are just managers and all the farming is mosly done by women and children.


If Women Controlled the Economy

If women controlled the economy, our world would be different. Why? Because women have lived the poorest lives world over, and they are better equipped with experieces on how to make life better and resources equitable to avoid gaps. If women controlled the economy the would be the best education institutions world over, why? Because women have suffered the worst forms of discrimination and have lagged behind so much in education, therefore thwy would aim to abolish the old gaps. If women controlled the economy no taxes would be paid to corrupt govenments, they would convert the taxes money to school fees for the poor, for orphans and for the unnder-privilegged.


Power vs Compassion

If women controlled the economy, there would be sharing of the wealth. There would be happy families and healthy community. When you balance compassion with power a vast mirroring change happens.

Susmita Barua
Susmita Barua
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How did women lose control of economy and government

We need to ask that..shouldn't we historically. Women were not full citizens for millenia. In most Western nations woman suffrage came at the end of World War I, with some important late adopters such as France in 1944 and Switzerland in 1971.

Do you think women were involved in designing our money, banking and legal systems? See my article here Breaking free and blog at the comment section.

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I thought about this forum post as I watched The Daily Show's episode in which Michele Obama was a guest. It was not only this show but other speaker events as well that have led me to believe that there can be a more egalitarian situation.

Barack an Michele Obama are a perfect embodiment of a relationship with equal membership power that is powerful.

In such a boy's club as government, he is the president, the boss and the decision maker, but never do we feel that his wife take second place in anything. Michele Obama even has more ratings and voice in certain aspects, aaaand they raise children together.

If women controlled the economy, women and men would share the economy because the feminine nature is to be egalitarian at home, in school, at work, and everywhere.



Just as women manage the household finances so well if they also had an equal partnership in business, surely businesses across the world would prosper more.

C Maritim


Both men and women can perform given the task under merits. Gender should not be an issue whatsoever but it can contribute into understanding and allowing women where they feel fit and ready to do the job,
they are as good as men.

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