By Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

Pit of oblivion -

Has it ever happened

you forgetting: your hands hung on smoky trees,

your steps dwelling in the winds of yesterdays...

You shelter in the shadow of the walls' cement shoulder,

searching the wardrobe of time for a kurtha that might fit,

for lost hours of


Has it ever happened -

from the forests of the sun

you picked up thorny flowers

placing it on the graves the gods jostle

smashing theor own reflection

in the mirror

Has it ever happened -

you carry a sea in your blue denim pocket

then pour it on sidewalks

cleaved by the daily grind,

circling like a horse

which half runs after the second half of the square

Has it ever happened -

you carry your head between your cut fingers,

rolling it like a ball in the bottomless pit

of oblivion?