Human Rights: The dignity of our being and abortion

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The dignity of our being and abortion

This production of mine was inspired by what I read from “Pregnancy termination” of W. Bank. It will be good to read her own and the reactions before this one, though it is not indispensable.
I marveled at the discussion between W. Bank and Sara. I appreciated the “advanced Islam” of Sara and her arguments, as well as the wonderful site she advised to visit; but I also appreciated the practical way by which W. Bank puts the problem of abortion, we can see a real dilemma: on one hand, as a woman (and a mother), she fills that she has to defend life, but on the other hand, she fills that as a woman she has to defend the dignity of women. It seems that it is a dilemma between to defend the life in general and the rights of women. This is how I feel the problem, and this will be the main line of this “article”; hoping that it will have some repercussions on some people and that they will react for or against it. I’m opened to all critics.
Since I am not a native English-speaking man, I present my excuses for some mistakes and some misunderstandings.
As a human being, we are endowed with reason. The specificity of our humanity confers us a dignity which is unique. This is undeniable for all of us. Moreover, for those who believe in God, especially for those who share the “Abrahamic” religions’ perspective of the creation, we can go further. “God created man in his image and likeness”, is it said. This likeness, which is not a physical reality, but a spiritual one, is the foundation of the dignity of all men. Being the likeness of God is the base of our dignity. And the fact that God created them male and female is for us an invitation to interpersonal communion. Love is therefore the fundamental an innate vocation of every human being.
From all these, we can affirm that freedom, which is a characteristic of our dignity as human being, should not be a freedom from (which could wrongly lead to indifference), but a freedom for, which is a community-creating force. Thus, our freedom should be for the promotion of Love, of the building up of a truly human community, a community that doesn’t put aside its weak, innocent and defenseless members. It is our human dignity which is questioned when we put aside fetus. In fact, whether we call them unborn or whatever, this is the necessary condition, the necessary step through which you and I have passed to be what we are. Can we be truly worthy of our humanity when we set others aside because we want to live a more comfortable – obviously materialistic – life? For me, the dignity of women that we fight for implies also this: the defense of life, especially of defenseless life such as fetus and babies. For me, it is truly the dignity of us all, and so of women, to be supporters of life in all its stages. Our sense of freedom cannot involve choices to kill innocent or not.
Of course, when abortion is for therapeutic reasons, as the only solution to save the mother’s life, there is no doubt about what to do. But, as Sara has said, the statistics proved that the percentage of people involved in this is few. In this article, we speak of the “90%” remaining who go for abortion because of social issues or whatever reason different from therapeutic. But, as W. Bank underlined it, we have to be truthful to ourselves, and not deny that it isn’t always easy not to think about abortion, especially in some situations such as rape, extreme poverty… Nonetheless, it is not because it is difficult that it is morally right.
I want to end this article by congratulating all the women and mothers who fight daily, and surely more than I do in this article, so that live may be protected. Thanks to you, our dear mothers and sisters, who have assured for nine months our right to life and have protected all through this life. Thanks to you!
N.B: Sorry if this production of mine was too hard tor some.

Women Hurt by Legal Abortion

We are women who have been damaged and harmed by legal abortion. Most of us were pressured into it by boyfriends, parents or husbands. Many of us were told it was "just a clump of tissue". However, once we discovered that our babies had a beating heart by 3-4 weeks, arms, legs, fingers and toes...we were devastated.

Many studies prove abortion causes depression, suicides, pre-term births in subsequent pregnancies and breast cancer etc...this is not a "safe" procedure for women.

Our voices need to be heard! Tragically, every day thousands of women are pressured or coerced to abort. Many suffer in silence. Women need to learn about all of the risks of abortion, and about the humanity of the child in the womb. Yes, most abortions sadly are used as a form of birth control. We are here for hurting women and men.

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