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Positive Voice from China

I don't know if people have seen this news before.

Not long ago this year, a celebrity couple in China, actor Sun Hai’ying and actress Lv Li’ping, tweeted how homosexuality were sinister, quoting the Bible and promoting homophobia via China’s major microblog service, Sina Weibo. And this intrigue a whirlwind of argument through the country.

The biggest national broadcaster in China seriously slapped Lü Liping for crossing the line and stoke homophobia.

I feel very surprised that mainland authoritative media (which is under highly restriction by the government) begins to get this kind of open-minded concept expose to the public. As the report says, gay movement is fresh in mainland China, there is still a long way to go.
It is very common that people use religion to crack down on homosexuality. I know some people who are christian but also homosexual. Exactly, what conflict is it? What do you think about it?

Organized religion and sexual identity/expression

Hello Rye! Thank you for posting a thought provoking question.

Many major world religions have conflicting interpretations surrounding homosexuality. Some people or governments point to religious text(s) for guidance so as to inform their experience(s) or public policies. However, there are many religions where homosexuality or fluidity in sexuality and gender identity/expression are not condemned.

As someone that was raised Roman Catholic, I can attest to the church's interpretation of homosexuality as sinful. There seems to be a strong discomfort with how power and privilege plays out in relationships that are not heterosexual.

There certainly is a disagreement on this issue as many theologians as well as practicing Catholics don't see a conflict between their religion and sexual orientation. Instead, people draw strength from their spirituality in order to cope with whatever challenges they face.

I'm curious about how other people view the conflict between organized religion(s) and sexual orientation.

Again, great question, Rye!

Hi Livia, thank you for your contribution.

I agree with you that it is more about people's interpretation of religions which are easily affected and mistaken by practices of religious doctrine superficially and literally. But some of the religions as I've known are well open regarding sexual identity in general, for example, Buddhism focuses more on cultivating one's moral character holding an open mind instead of persuading one to behave following rules.

I look forward to seeing more opinions about the question you summarized above.

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