Am a mother of 2 beautiful and adorable boys, I have been bombarded by traditional and modern ways of bring up children, I have read so many books , write ups , blogs and messages on the right way to raise children / boys! My parents, family and friends have contributed in their own ways , do this don't do that......and so on, I appreciate all of this, don't get me wrong! but then I ask my self do I need all this conflicting information in my head, do I need the dos and do nots clutching my brain and making me think about how to even spend time with my kids, the best so call activities! I don't think so! My parents never had that and I turn out good, so what is going on, when do we just let go and relax as parents, when do we just be ourselves with our kids and let them be themselves , when do we just calm down and trust our instincts as parents and love them unconditionally with out any expectation , when do we just love , care and provide and let it go because we know deep down inside that they will turn out great and be just who they are .