Please Let Me Dream

Please Let Me Dream is a video about the private and excrutiating pain of domestic violence.

I created this video because I wanted to make people see, hear and understand what sometimes goes on behind closed doors and within four walls. Signs of violence aren't always as obvious as a bruised face or a broken arm.

الرجاء تفعيل جافا سكريبت وتركيب برنامج فلاش لمشاهدة أشرطة الفيديو.
Please let me dream
The kitchen knife symbolizes domestic violence and appears at one point in the video only to show that domestic violence is present even though you can't see it. It is often subtle, but no less painful.

The wooden floor symbolizes home, a place where women should feel safe and comfortable, but don't.

The ground symbolizes reality as well. Women should be grounded in reality and feel things as they truly are. Facing reality is extremely difficult, but women who do will be able to start dreaming and start living again.

I chose to sing without instruments, a human voice stripped of any artifice, instruments and disguises, in order to show things as they really are.




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karima zuhair
karima zuhair


All my respect and appreciation to your beautiful work
well done
.. Be fine

samia qumri
samia qumri

it's impressive creative work thanks..all the best of luck:)


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