Hello Anoli and thanks for sharing your work. The use of lace is wonderful in depicting the intricies that are a part of many women's lives, particularly when it comes to care, and the thoughtfulness that can be a part of that care. As well as the dinner table, so symbolic of the work that many women do. It makes me think about the importance of food in so many women's lives and the part it plays in bringing families together. Have you seen the work of Bobby Baker (a google search will find her), she often turns this around in that she can pin food to her jacket, like it has become a part of herself. But, funnily enough, for me, the table and associations are relevant the lace, not so much. My mother crochered hundreds of blankets for all the extended family, but in my mind she wasn't a lacey person, she was big, bold, brash, noisy, and argumentative and in many ways the lace, to me, symbolises a cage in which she was trapped (maybe that was something you were getting at). Thanks, Joannie