We Are More Alike Than Different

People try to distinguish themselves from one another with clothing, make-up, hair styles and jewelry. But do all these accessories just enable people to hide their real selves? Do we ever see the person underneath? What causes a human being to want to hide behind a mask? To what extent are we actually different from one another? If you omit all the things that can be used as a mask, I believe that we are more alike than we are different. Ego just stands in the way.

I want to depict real people, completely stripped of accessories with only their essence remaining. The result is a rollercoaster of emotions. My paintings portray tales full of contradictions. They tell of loneliness and togetherness, doubt and progression, violence and love, openness and hiding, struggle and consolation.

Een glimp van je ziel/ A Gleam of Your Soul

Two faces in profile on a painting. They hold each other while looking deeply in each other's eyes. Their experience together is very intense; they are trying to find out who the other person really is.

Since October 2007 the painting Een glimp van je ziel (A Gleam of Your Soul) has been roaming through the Netherlands. Every two to three weeks the painting finds a new address to stay. I started the project so people would start thinking about themselves and the people around them. Are we sincere in how we feel about ourselves and others, or is everything we do influenced by our ego? Don't we all feel the same emotions, like fear, passion, jealousy, doubt and consolation? Then why judge each other or hide our feelings behind a big mask?


Silence Between Us


See also Deeper Than Skin, my paintings featured in the International Museum of Women's Imagining Ourselves exhibition.

To see more of my work please visit my Web site.


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