Different, You Say?

This is a poem inspired by racism, religious and sexual discrimination, abuse, violence and the many other injustices that human beings around the world deal with every day.
Aren't we the same?
We grow
We fall
We eat
We sleep

You think I'm different
But we're really very much the same

You speak?
So do I
You feel and hear?
So do I
I don't understand why we're different
You and I

Yes my color may not be the same
My beliefs may not be like yours
I may not be the same sex
But we both have a brain and a ...

Oh maybe that's why we're different
You call me names
Names that I don't wish to repeat
You treat me like trash
Or probably even worse

You might think it doesn't hurt
But you're wrong
Maybe this curse should be reversed
Then you'll know how much it hurts

I didn't understand at first
But I believe now I do

We are different
You and I
I have a HEART
And you seem to have none

ملاحظة المحرر

إفادة الفنان


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