Ring the Bell

Breakthrough is an international human rights organization that uses media, education and pop culture to promote values of dignity, equality and justice. In 2008, we launched our multimedia awareness and intervention campaign Bell Bajao, in English "Ring the Bell," that urges men to take a stand against domestic violence. Our message is simple: Don't pretend that it's not happening. Ring your neighbor's door bell and stop the abuse.

The campaign is present all around India. It is featured on both public and private television channels, radio channels, billboards, magazines and the Internet. Our videos, posters and even our bumper stickers all have a very contemporary and pop-culture feel. We believe that in order to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence, we first had to bring attention to ourselves and our cause.

As you can see in the first video Knock, Knock. Who's There?, we're trying to teach our children--the future generation of our leaders--about domestic violence and the creative ways of ending it. Going forward, we are hoping that all new leaders will carry with them the pledge to Ring the Bell and the mission to prevent violence against women.

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Knock Knock. Who's there? Watch what happens when of a group of young boys playing cricket take time out.
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Got Milk? Asking for a small cup of milk is one of the many things you can do to bring domestic violence to a halt.


Dear Breakthrough,

Really in there are a lots of fear, pain and tears of the women ,they are wishing with each second the bell rings

I will knock and knock all the doors of the violence
I'm proud of you..

These Public Service Announcements really had an effect on me. How often do we ignore potentially dangerous situations because we think they're "none of our business." I especially appreciate that you featured young boys standing up to older men. It is very important to empower young men to speak out against their peers doing violence against women. This will truly make for a safer future for women and girls.

Anahi DeCanio
Anahi DeCanio
United States

Very Powerful. THANK YOU!

samia qumri
samia qumri

thanks for the insightful work done here..its true we should stand up to violence and by featuring youg boy here also to be able stand up agains this disease that can strike our societies..

Ola Eliwat
Ola Eliwat

Two thumbs up!

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