Drawing and Illusionism

I wanted to present my philosophy of life simply, without color and brilliant decorations. A certain color will give a certain and specific meaning, whereas the tone of black and white does not limit imagination and space. In this colorless world, we are nevertheless still able to see color and the radiant source of life penetrating through the layers of graphite.

I use the most basic tools--pencil on paper--to see how far one medium can take me. I am fascinated by the way the broken bits of riddled paths in our lives can link to each other and complete us. From the reality to the surreal and illusionary world, the untouchable and invisible time and space overlap our unpredictable challenges and personal growth. Illusion annexes and extracts these unspeakable thoughts into the real world. I am devoted to unfolding my view of life and seeking the balance between the existence and illusion through my artwork.

For more detailed information about Chen's artwork and her new book Expanding Into the Unspeakable, please visit www.Hsin-Hsi-Chen.com.


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graphite , pencil


United States

Her work expands the dimensionality of the paper and broads the functionality of the pencil.

United States

Ms. Chen's sensuous and mysterious works are a metaphor of our own life's journey.

United States

I could get the feeling of ongoing motion from the static artwork. Really unspreakable.

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