Lullaby I, II & III

In Lullaby I, II & III, the female figure seems unaware of a child that is so close by. The child is precious – it seems to float, suspended by a thread, like a jewel. Still, the woman is oblivious: busy trying to see herself, she's unable to see this object of value hovering at arms length. Maybe, if she could forget about herself for a moment, she would discover it.

Morgan Levey interviewed Anki King for I.M.O.W. Read the interview.

Lullaby I, II & III, 2007 | A triptych oil painting | 3" x 78" x 46"

Like most of the figures I paint, the life-size figures in Lyllaby I, II & III are tall and slim, like me. Their large hands make them somewhat awkward. They do not do much but stand in the middle of the canvas and await someone's direction.

Also see Alternate Reality, my charcoal drawings featured in the International Museum of Women's exhibition "Imagining Ourselves."

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