Women Revisited

Throughout my long career as an artist, I have concentrated on portraying, by using different art media, my life experiences. As a result, my art is an ongoing narrative and a self-portrait that attempts to reconcile the absolute and contradictory forces that have influenced and governed my life.


The old woman, tired and bent over, ascends to an unknown place while two lovers (Rodin's Kiss) embrace the romantic passions of youth and the promises of eternal love.


It's All about an Apple

The women in the painting symbolize all the positive strengths inherent in a woman: Spirituality (Virgin Mary), Sexuality, (Eve) Wisdom (Isis), and the free spirit symbolized by the Winged Victory. However, as an artist I use the innocent child with his can of S&W applesauce to refute the myth that Eve was the perpetrator of Original Sin.


The Visitation

A dream or a nightmare? (Satyr images appropriated from Peter Paul Rubens)

See also my mixed media pieces Women's Rights Are Absolute and When God Was a Woman.

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