Walking on the Sea

Throughout history, the Mediterranean region has been the stage for a number of important migrations, which resulted in the so-called Mediterranean Civilization. The ancient civilizations it has hosted, the subsequent population exchanges, and the attraction it holds for people today have kept the Mediterranean pulse beating and culture beaming.
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"Walking on the Sea," by İmren Ç. Tüzün was shown in the exhibition "Being Mediterranean and Living Away from the Mediterranean," Istanbul Art Fair, 2007; and the International Beylikdüzü Short Film Festival, 2008.

The making of "Walking on the Sea." Multicolored Turkish slippers float in the Mediterranean sea.
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The bright-colored rubber slippers struggling to ride the waves represent people who have migrated to places far away from here as well as people who have migrated here from far-away places. The intention of the video is to draw attention to the state of being Mediterranean.


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