Art Reminds Us of Our Ideals

My artwork is inspired by the beauty in nature, the melody of music in our culture, and the love, joy and passion within us. I prefer the viewer to interpret the artwork from their personal experience and perspective, because love, joy, beauty and nature are universal ideals that we can all relate to when life is harsh and the world seems full of uncertainty. I hope that during difficult times, visual arts can be a reminder of the idealism and the beauty that surrounds us.

abstract painting=Piano Concerto
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"Piano Concerto" is inspired by Frank Gehry's Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California. The little pianist in the painting symbolizes a child's boundless imagination, and the painting is about the importance of nurturing creativity at a young age.

abstract painting of violin concerto

Violin Sonata
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"Violin Sonata" is a piece inspired by the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a busy city with lots of traffic. This piece is my way of expressing the importance of preserving the natural world around us. I strongly believe a well-balanced urban distribution is essential for the environment, as well as for a better quality of life for every one of us.

 Watercolor painting of two people kissing


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"Lovers" is a very personal piece. Living in Hollywood and working in the entertainment industry, there is always the question of whether a caring, loving relationship is possible in a city where people working long, stressful hours and have lives full of distractions. Distance in a relationship is not an issue unique to Los Angeles. With technology these days, communication can be instantaneous, but it doesn't necessarily shorten the distance between individuals. A loving relationship requires compromise and understanding from all parties involved. It's not impossible to have a beautiful relationship; it just takes time, patience and effort.

 Watercolor painting of whales
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"Whales" is a piece inspired by the beauty of the ocean and nature. We only have one planet, and we should cherish all living beings on this planet, which we call home.

Rainy Day painting
Rainy Day
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"Rainy Day" is inspired by the changing conditions in the world. Rain can be beautiful, peaceful, and inspiring. This piece is about enjoying your environment, even when conditions aren't perfect.

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