These six pieces were created in 2009, and are all on paper I made from various plants and recycled materials, such as denim, leftover pulp and plant debris. Some are dyed with goldenrod flowers. They are prints made with linoleum blocks and silksreening, and some incoroporate gold leaf, ink and embroidery.

The inspiration behind these pieces is "weeds" (as usual for me) as well as birds. Birds make up a large population of our cohabitants, and may be the animals we see most often. Their declining numbers serve as an alarm, reminding us to change our ways immediately and go back to loving, nurturing, and respecting our environment.

Golden Milkweed Meadow
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Golden Pulp Meadow
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Denim Meadow
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Indigo Meadow
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Ochre Weed Meadow
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Purple Meadow
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