Painting Chose Me

I didn't choose to be a painter. Painting chose me. The passion for painting began when I was very young and I started to draw. At the moment I began to have a conscience--a sense of life and the world around me--I became aware of the desire to paint.
Victoria Sheridan
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Victoria Sheridan
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I began to paint in oils about 20 years ago. I never stopped. It was a psychological necessity. It was a part of me, a way of life and a way of thinking. They say that there is a fine line between creativity and insanity. Some say it is a curse being an artist. A person who feels so deeply, but to me, the alternative is unthinkable.

Painting for me is to observe--to observe light with different angles, shadows, and reflections and the change of colors transmitted, which translate the interior passage. This is a manner of describing and recreating things, a change of reality and also the observation of reality and of others.

It is away of taking part in the world and leaving something that lasts. I learned to be patient. With painting one learns patience and the passion for details.

There are days when I do not paint. On these days, I have a sensation of loss. The paintings that are not created at that moment of inspiration are forever lost. Another moment is another painting. The painting has its own life. When it comes out of the studio, it no longer needs the painter. It is independent and speaks for itself. It passes across time and will sometimes return to celebrate itself after the death of the painter.

When I sell my paintings, I sell a dream. When I sustain my life from my vocation, it is like magic. When people criticize my paintings, it upsets me. I give the best of my being and my soul to the painting. In return, painting becomes food for my spirit.

When I paint something that I have dreamt or an image that is in my head, I am sometimes disappointed. The final painting does not do justice to the initial concept I had.

However, sometimes I do not plan my paintings. I create an image in an instant. A few of my works are based upon physical acts and not intellectual concepts. My creations are affected by my feelings, the sentiments of each day, (anxiety, love, joy, rage). It is a parallel of life, nothing is known in advance.

These interventions change the course of creation and infiltrate the painting without my knowledge. The painting could be a landscape a figure or a still life. They say a painter always paints a portrait of himself. And that is finally, at which a true painter arrives, spontaneously. To paint is to render one self vulnerable; it is to open your heart to others. It is the giving of your inner most being.


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