Operation Woman #1

I am a student in Ms. G's class, and I actually wrote two poems for the same power point. This is just the first one, so please bare with me.
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Women of Power PPP
Do you know that one illness that every woman has?
(I don’t know, a bad hair day?)
You know, that one factor that always gets in the way
of our concentration

That one physical object…MEN
The one thing that keeps us under the toes of
Happiness and Heartache

The one being that we give our hearts to
and hope it doesn’t break

The rock that we lay on
The victim that we prey on
The one object that we HATE to LOVE

Now don’t get us wrong, we love him
But there are times when we have to look from another
woman’s perspective

The stories I’ve heard of women being beaten and even
killed because of their voice
The young girls getting married at 15 because they had no

The abuse of dignity and the 49 year old woman having an
epiphany one minute too late
Yeah, he’s the head but we are the neck

Vicious creatures that walk the daylight
with our heads held high
Nail polish, high heels, and the glow of our eyes
We have it, but there are times when we just don’t use it
You know what the problem is?

We are consumed
Too afraid to break free
Too afraid to actually see our possibilities

We let him bring us down
Blinded by love and affection
We all turn the wrong direction

And we lay down to stay down
Nu-uh not me
I’ll be damned if I’m not free

To be a woman phenomenally
Will be the ultimate treat

So go ahead! Grow your wings
Walk barefoot on the beach
And let your face feel the breeze
Smile girl!

Because even though you know you’re going back to him
You’re going back with a secret, a precious gem
That will always be misunderstood by him.

This is a poem based off of the many stories that i've read off of this website, and it also connects to the many women who have had to put up with an abusive overbearing boyfriend, husband, or male sex companion. The slide show is a power point project that portrays women who don't need men to have control over their own lives. Even though the women in the photos are cartoons, they inspire me to be powerful in whatever I do, and be sexy while doing it.


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