Museum Pick: February 23 - March 9, 2009

This series of paintings is based on my relationship with my younger sister. We have grown up together, then grown apart, then grown back together again, stronger than before. Throughout the years, we have developed a deep friendship and enjoy many shared memories.

Sisters, 2008 |Oil | 78" x 42"

My sister and I always pretended to be princesses wearing long gowns. (The memory of our playing pretend actually inspired this series.) Of course, real princesses have really long, sweeping dresses, while my nightgowns would only reach to the middle of my shins. My legs refused to stop growing and I watched, deeply envious, my little sister's gown touch the floor.


Sisters Facing, 2008 | oil | 72" x 76"

As little girls, we fought a lot. Our fights usually ended with one or both of us crying. Attempting to stop the fighting and wailing, our mother would send us both to our separate rooms and tell us to stay there. Not many minutes would pass before one of us sneaked into the other's room. There we would meet as the best of friends and allies against our mother, our nemesis.


Sisters Crouching, 2008 | oil | 72" x 76"

Here, my sister and I face each other, eternally waiting for what might happen next. The movement of one will affect the other so we wait in anticipation for the other to move. The image appears to be still, but is highly charged with expectation.


See also Vine Woman, my sculpture made of vine and brances, and  Alternate Reality, my charcoal drawings featured in the International Museum of Women's exhibition "Imagining Ourselves."

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painting , oil , figurative , expressionisic , canvas , expressionistic


United Kingdom

Absolutely loved the 'Vine Woman' and now these pictures. Having a very close bond with my own sister they sat a thousand words. Yvonne MccALLA

I love the balance between what the image is and how these paintings are made. The tension between the figures seems amplified by the energy in the brush work. It's amazing that Anki was able to get so much color out of such a limited range of color too. Really terrific paintings!

Your paintings certainly brought back memories of growing up with my sisters. We all live in different towns now but when we meet the memories keep coming and its like 'Do you remember this or that?' Thank you for reminding me how special my sisters are to me.

Mukta Gupta
United States

I love these simple yet complex images that you have created, they bring out the feelings entrapped somewhere deep inside.


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