Better Together

It is my personal philosophy that I am better when I am with others than when I am by myself. I truly believe that people make better decisions when they come together. That is why the big circles in my painting overlap and the places where they do are more intense, interesting and expressive.

However, time alone is sometimes necessary and that is why I have allowed for single circles to float away on their own and express their individuality.

painting illustrates the need for friendship and for time alone
Better Together | Acrylic

I decided to use red in Better Together because, in the Hindu chakra system, red is the color used to represent the spine chakra. This chakra governs our will to live, our connection to our body and the physical plane and our interaction with the material world.


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jean hart
jean hart
United States

I want to thank imow for exhibiting my artwork. I am so honored to be a part of this program. I invite you to check out my profile and other photos. All comments are welcome. Thank You, Jean

United States

This a great painting. I am impressed with color and must say it really vibrates with life!

Mukta Gupta
United States

I love this red color and of course what you created with it, simple but elegant.


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