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This painting is an allegory for slavery in the Caribbean and the life that we live today as a result of slavery and colonialism. It alludes to the African diaspora and, in particular, my maternal grandmother, who was a servant in bondage.

The woman sits and gazes. Her particular position offers her a view of the future--lights, traffic, complexity. But she does not belong there and she does not desire to belong. She is alienated from the world that is antithetical to who she is and what her spirit represents.

Masha Rotfeld interviewed Orlonda Uffre for I.M.O.W. Read the interview.

painting about slavery in the Caribbean and the life that they live today as a result of slavery and colonialism
Now and Then, 2001 | Mixed Media, acrylic, paper, photography and wood on canvas | 32" x 24"


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good dog marty
good dog marty
United States

i like the title. but then i like the simplicity and clarity of the story of the work of art without the story of words above it. they do not conflict, but do not feel necessary for me as a viewer, and maybe feel heavier and harder to see than the art by itself. yet if there were an exhibit of many such pieces, i would like the words more.

I like how you put a story to your work of art. I can take from the story and make that connection in your painting. It gives me, the viewer, an idea of what you (the artist) are expressing. Having said that, I can picture myself sitting there looking through, and yet humble for knowing what my spirit represents. I did see this one painting, "Now and Then" on displayed some time ago and surprised me at first to see photography in your painting. I guess that is why it is Mixed Media, right? It's all good though! I always dig the abstraction in your paintings. I hope to hear more stories through your art.

United States

This painting is amazing. I love the texture and application of the paint. The content is very timely in these changing times. We have all been this woman at one time.

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