Women of Palestine

Museum Pick: March 23 - April 6, 2009

In Palestine, women are quietly surviving. In spite of the continuing Israeli occupation, Palestinian women are struggling to maintain their culture, their heritage, and their way of life. Palestinian-American photographer Umayyah Cable documented the daily lives of women living in the West Bank. She learned that women are the backbone of Palestinian cultural survival.

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Your photojournalism brings whole new light to issues that I feel desperate to understand. Showing the extraordinary circumstances of occupation through the ordinary lives of women is truly moving. It makes it real and comprehensible for me. I hope your work has gotten much exposure.

Ale Trillos

Promising photographers make the world challenged by talent. Umayyah has taken the risk of making Palestinian women and their realities visible. Her critical eye and hope is shown in this amazing work.

tom hill
United States

These photos are great! I want to see and hear more.


I just can not say whether I like the photos or not! I just want to say that something has been broken in me!

Masha Rotfeld
Masha Rotfeld
United States

Not only are your photographs breathtaking, the narrative you employ weaves a complex story of this real-life saga. Mabrook for making these women seem more radiant and real than how they've ever been portrayed by the media.

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