Is the Immigrant odd and exotic?

Women Immigrant Artists in Spain

The Colombian artist Alexa Cuesta, who has been living Spain for the past two years, heads a network of women immigrant artists.  The municipal governement of  Castellón-Valencia has sponsored an exhibition of this circle of artists titled Vortice X .
Narine, Vilma, Bolivia, Danka, Stefka... 2007 | Photograph of a public art installation | 1,25 x 0,90 m | Mau Monleón/Alexa Cuesta, artista Valenciana/Colombian Artist resident of Valencia, Spain.

The writing on the wall, part of an art installation written in the form of a classified ad, reads:

"Honest, reliable, and responsible young Latin woman available for hourly wages in domestic work, cleaning, and caring for children, with experience."
The exhibition was a product of these women's new modus vivendi, that translated into eleven works representing their work within the social and educational fields.  As immigrant artists, these women accepted the imposition of new social and productive roles within a foreign context, while continuing to develop their creative endeavours. The members of this collective share the same line of thought. Despite the fact that they work independently, they are united by the common experience of overcoming day-to-day obstacles while exerting their roles as heads of families. This common thread resulted in cooperation between the artists and specific immigrant communities to generate some of the work within this exhibition. 

As the title Vortice X suggests, the exhibition is a dialogue amongs 12 foreign artists through their multidisciplinary work; it is an exchange that hopes to question preconceived notions about the foreign woman - as "mystical" or "veiled" - within the context of the society that receives her as an immigrant.  The exhibiton curator Alexa Cuesta - an immigrant herself - has noted "the X - colored red- is a nod to the immigrant artists' sometimes shared intimacy and discards any patriarchal connotations of pornography."


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